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Crochet Technique – Weaving in Ends

As I have previously said, I want this blog to help with even the most basic steps in crafting.  In crochet, one of these basic steps is weaving in ends of your work.  No one ever explains this.  I have done my best to figure it out on my own, but here is a link to a tutorial that I found very helpful:

Hopefully you find this as helpful as I did!

Beard Beanie II

Another beard beanie!!!  What could be better?

This is my husband:

Yea, I know, but I love him anyway.  My husband’s head is, how can I put this…larger-than-average.  Because of this, I had to make him a custom fit beanie & beard.  I think it turned out ok!

The beanie is a simple double crochet beanie.  I started with a magic adjustable ring with 12 dc into it.  Increase each round by 12 dc until you get to the desired size.  Usually I see this at 60 dc.  I find this a little snug, but maybe my gauge is tighter than average. (This particular beanie is 84 dc in the largest round)

For the ribbing around the base of the beanie, I did front-post double crochet stitches.  3-5 rounds will probably get the look you want.  The cool thing about ending the beanie this way is you have vertical ribbing on the front and horizontal ribbing on the back.  The horizontal ribbing on the inside of the beanie will actually help keep the beanie in place.

For striping, I just winged it.  There are two thin stripes, one medium, and then the larger band at the bottom (the front-post dc).

See?  He really is cute.  :)

The beard is a modified version of Jen Spears’ that I have previously linked reference to.  I had to change it a bit, but it’s the same concept.

To attach the beard, I just sewed the beard to the first row of ribbing on the inside of the beanie.  It ends with a clean finish and the seam is hidden by the edge of the beanie.

Crochet Hook Used:
     Size G (4.25mm)
Yarn Used:
     Red Heart Super Saver – Medium Thyme
     Red Heart Super Saver – Cafe Latte
     Red Heart Super Saver – Black

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