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Crocodile Stitch Help

It was brought to my attention by one of my wonderful pattern testers that there is a little detail in the crocodile stitch that if done incorrectly can ruin the look of the piece.

The crocodile stitch is basically a two row repeating stitch where the 2nd row is worked in front of the 1st row (instead of above).  The 1st row is a simple v-stitch row.  The 2nd row is the “scale” row.  When working the 3rd row (2nd v-stitch row), the v-stitches that land between scales should catch the scale to secure it in place.

Here is my little help photo explaining this part of the stitch:

Hope that helps!

New Pattern – Simply Sweet Car Seat / Stroller Blanket

New pattern released today!
This is the Simply Sweet Car Seat / Stroller Blanket:

No more falling blankets from your car seat or stroller, the straps go right through!
This car seat blanket is simple and cute. It works up easily and includes instructions for 2 optional stripe patterns.  Perfect for a girl or boy. Works with any standard infant car seat and most strollers and toddler car seats.

I came up with this blanket because I have, on more than one occasion, had blankets fall from my stroller as I was walking without noticing it.  When I have noticed it (blocks later), I found it very frustrating and irritating to have to retrace my steps looking for it.  Not to mention when your baby is in the back seat and cries because she/he has kicked off their blanket and can’t find it.  
Problems solved!

This pattern is available in any of my shops:
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