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New Pattern Release: Santa Baby Car Seat Blanket

I’ve been a busy bee lately!  Despite sick kids, sick me, and sick hubby, I still managed to get this one released this weekend.  It’s super exciting for a nerd like me!

Introducing the Santa Baby Car Seat Blanket:










This matches the Santa Baby Car Seat Canopy that was recently released as well.  And let’s not forget the Santa Baby Booties!  They are part of my Santa Baby Collection.
COMING SOON: Matching throw!  (Adult & Baby sizes included)

I’m going to be releasing similar patterns to match the Waffle Stitch Canopy as well.  Keep an eye out!

The Santa Baby Car Seat Blanket is available in any of my shops:

Two New Patterns Released!

I have released two new car seat canopy patterns today!

First, we have the Waffle Stitch Car Seat Canopy:








Next we have the festive Santa Baby Car Seat Canopy:








These canopies were so fun to design and turned out exactly how I imagined.  I’m thrilled!  It’s fun to make string pretty, isn’t it?

COMING SOON:  I am also designing matching car seat blankets and throws (both baby & adult sizes included) for both of these patterns.  The Santa Baby blankets should be released in the next few days.  So, keep an eye out!

If you’d like to grab one or both of these patterns, they are now available in any of my online stores: