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New Pattern! Chevron Car Seat Canopy and Car Seat / Stroller Blanket

I’m always excited to announce new patterns, especially when it’s a matching set!  I finally gave into the chevron fever and created a car seat canopy and matching blanket using chevrons.

Here is the Chevron Car Seat Canopy:

Photo 1_small_listing
What can I add?  It’s cute, trendy, and useful in protecting babies from sun, rain, cold…and other people.
For this canopy, I modified the straps a bit to help distribute the weight of the blanket even better than my previous designs.




And let’s not forget the matching blanket:

Besides being an adorable chevron blanket, it’s also a way to give a blanket for a baby gift and have it be much less work.  It can work as a wonderful stash buster if done with multiple colors.
This blanket is completely new in design.  My other car seat / stroller blankets have openings that allow the straps to pass through, thus securing the blanket.  This one uses straps at the top of the blanket to attached to the car seat handle or the stroller, leaving the straps undisturbed.

I also kind of sort of forgot about announcing another pattern that I released earlier this year.  It is the Quick ‘N Easy Chunky Car Seat Canopy:
2014_004 Listing 2

This canopy is the first that I’ve designed using a chunky weight yarn instead of worsted.  It works up very quickly and has a beautiful texture to it.





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