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New! Rainbow Pot of Gold Car Seat Canopy

Have you ever heard of a “rainbow baby?” A rainbow baby is a baby born after a mother has had a miscarriage or still birth. The rainbow is a symbol of hope after a storm. Although the storm clouds are still there as the parents will never forget their loss, a ray of hope for happiness is blessing their lives. Parents of rainbow babies will sometimes use rainbow blankets or car seat covers to show that this is their rainbow baby, their light after the storm.

Introducing the Rainbow Pot of Gold Car Seat Canopy pattern:
2015-006 Photo01_listing

This canopy is perfect for a special rainbow baby, or any adorable baby this spring!  What mommy doesn’t feel like her baby is her special pot of gold?

The blanket forms a protective car seat tent around your baby, giving them a break from prying strangers. It will keep bright lights out of your sleeping baby’s eyes, but is still breathable. Perfect for any season!


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