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New! Chunky Celtic Weave Car Seat Canopy

This has to be my new favorite canopy. I can’t express how much I love the texture of this blanket! It almost looks like little fuzzy ropes woven together. This canopy is so soft and squishy! I just love it! It is easier than it looks, and takes less time than you’d think.

The blanket forms a protective car seat tent around your baby, giving them a break from prying strangers. It will keep bright lights out of your sleeping baby’s eyes, but is still breathable. Perfect for any season!


Q: Is this worked as a bunch of strips that you weave together?
A: No. It is worked back and forth as rows. The woven look is created by a clever technique of crossing stitches.

Q: Are there any seams or sewing?
A: The only sewing is to attach the straps. The canopy itself is worked as one piece, including the border.

Q: What yarn did you use to make the canopy in the picture?
A: I used Bernat Blanket yarn to create the canopy pictured. It is very soft and easy to work with. I would highly recommend it. You will love the results! And, no, I don’t get commission for saying that. I really just like it.

You can find this pattern in any of my online shops:
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New Pattern! Chevron Car Seat Canopy and Car Seat / Stroller Blanket

I’m always excited to announce new patterns, especially when it’s a matching set!  I finally gave into the chevron fever and created a car seat canopy and matching blanket using chevrons.

Here is the Chevron Car Seat Canopy:

Photo 1_small_listing
What can I add?  It’s cute, trendy, and useful in protecting babies from sun, rain, cold…and other people.
For this canopy, I modified the straps a bit to help distribute the weight of the blanket even better than my previous designs.




And let’s not forget the matching blanket:

Besides being an adorable chevron blanket, it’s also a way to give a blanket for a baby gift and have it be much less work.  It can work as a wonderful stash buster if done with multiple colors.
This blanket is completely new in design.  My other car seat / stroller blankets have openings that allow the straps to pass through, thus securing the blanket.  This one uses straps at the top of the blanket to attached to the car seat handle or the stroller, leaving the straps undisturbed.

I also kind of sort of forgot about announcing another pattern that I released earlier this year.  It is the Quick ‘N Easy Chunky Car Seat Canopy:
2014_004 Listing 2

This canopy is the first that I’ve designed using a chunky weight yarn instead of worsted.  It works up very quickly and has a beautiful texture to it.





Available in the Patterns Section of this site.
Also available in any of my online shops:

New Patterns: Crocodile Stitch Baby Beanie and Baby-licious Car Seat / Stroller Blanket

Just released March 2014 is my newest pattern, the Crocodile Stitch Baby Beanie:
2014-003 Listing






I’ve been wanting to make a new baby hat for awhile now and I love the crocodile stitch.  This cute little hat finally popped into my thoughts.  Like my other hat patterns, the decorative stitch is from the crown down so it’s adorable from every angle.  I’m thinking of also making a pattern for children and adult sizes.  We shall see…
Both US and UK Terms included.

Available in the Pattern Section of this site.
Also available in any of my online shops:

I’ve been working down my list of designs I want to make and finally got to the Baby-licious Car Seat / Stroller Blanket:

2014_002 Photo 001_listing








This blanket is a perfect compliment to my other Baby-licious Patterns.  This is the 7th pattern in the Baby-licious Collection (the bib & burp cloth are sold together).
Both US and UK Terms included.

Available in any of my online shops:

New Pattern Release: Waffle Stitch Car Seat Blanket

Announcing the Waffle Stitch Car Seat Blanket!









This adorable little blanket is designed with openings for car seat or stroller straps to go through to keep it in place no matter how wiggly those baby legs are.  It’s a great project for your own baby or grand-baby, or even for a baby shower gift.  It is smaller than a regular baby blanket (so it doesn’t drag on the ground) making it an easier and quicker project for a beautiful, useful gift.

Both US and UK Terms included.

Available in any of my online shops:

Released in December:

The last of my Santa Baby Collection (so far…) was released last month:
Santa Baby Throw Blanket – Adult and Baby Sizes









The drape on this blanket is to die for!  I love it!  It is cozy and just hugs you.  Instructions are included for both a crib-sized blanket and adult afghan.  Both UK and US terms included.
Available in any of my online shops:

New Pattern Release: Santa Baby Car Seat Blanket

I’ve been a busy bee lately!  Despite sick kids, sick me, and sick hubby, I still managed to get this one released this weekend.  It’s super exciting for a nerd like me!

Introducing the Santa Baby Car Seat Blanket:










This matches the Santa Baby Car Seat Canopy that was recently released as well.  And let’s not forget the Santa Baby Booties!  They are part of my Santa Baby Collection.
COMING SOON: Matching throw!  (Adult & Baby sizes included)

I’m going to be releasing similar patterns to match the Waffle Stitch Canopy as well.  Keep an eye out!

The Santa Baby Car Seat Blanket is available in any of my shops:

Two New Patterns Released!

I have released two new car seat canopy patterns today!

First, we have the Waffle Stitch Car Seat Canopy:








Next we have the festive Santa Baby Car Seat Canopy:








These canopies were so fun to design and turned out exactly how I imagined.  I’m thrilled!  It’s fun to make string pretty, isn’t it?

COMING SOON:  I am also designing matching car seat blankets and throws (both baby & adult sizes included) for both of these patterns.  The Santa Baby blankets should be released in the next few days.  So, keep an eye out!

If you’d like to grab one or both of these patterns, they are now available in any of my online stores:


New Pattern Release: Baby-licious Shorts

So, it’s official.  I’m a terrible blogger.  I completely forgot to announce my last pattern release!

Baby-licious Shorts (released Oct 5, 2013)









Part of the Baby-licious Collection, these shorts use the same stitch to create adorable shorts for your baby (or grand-baby!). They work up quickly, include both boy and girl instructions, and even include instructions for creating your own cords!

Snag your copy in any of my shops:

New Pattern: Baby-licious Booties!

Congratulations to Lorna W. for winning the Facebook Giveaway!  She has won a free copy of my new pattern:

Baby-licious Baby Booties!

Baby-licious Booties_small







These booties are easy to work up.  The soles are worked in rows instead of rounds, which makes them far less frustrating.  Easy with impressive results!

Grab your copy at any of my stores:

Hawaiian Aloha Spirit Crochet

Recently I was lucky enough to take a trip to Hawaii, more specifically, Kauai. I absolutely love it there.  It is beautiful, green, full of flowers, and the people are just wonderful and easy going.  This trip has left me in an aloha spirit and I’ve decided to seek out some Hawaiian-inspired crochet patterns.

The most iconic symbol of Hawaii, in my own humble opinion, would have to go to the beautiful plumeria flowers of the islands.
PlumeriaPatternPhoto_PlanetJuneI found this pattern awhile back and have not had a chance to try it out yet.  It is a 3D flower and is a great likeness to the actual plumeria.  This pattern was created by the very talented June Gilbank of PlanetJune Craft Blog.  She offers the pattern for free on her site.  If you would like a .pdf of the pattern that is formatted for printing, all she asks is a donation to her site, which is well worth it for such a lovely pattern.



This next pattern is a baby hula girl photo prop.  Isn’t it cute?  This pattern is also offered for free via Craftsy.  It was designed by Aimee Arnold.  Her Craftsy store is called Chain Four.  Go check it out!  You do have to create an account to get it, but Craftsy is a great pattern resource.  You can even find Heather’s Craft Corner patterns there! (Shameless plug!)



The next pattern is an amigurumi hula girl doll by Sayjai of K and J Dolls.  She is just plain adorable.  This pattern is available on Etsy for $4.99.  There are a bunch of cute patterns available in her shop.  She is incredibly talented.



Let’s not forget about the dolphins.  I was able to take a dinner cruise while in Hawaii and we saw two large pods of dolphins.  They really do like to play with the boat.  This dolphin amigurumi pattern is available on Etsy.  I’m not sure who the creator is.  The shop says that all funds will go to fund dutch artist Joyce Overheul’s projects, but I’m not sure if she actually made the pattern.  Regardless, it is very cute.

If you know of any other cute Hawaiian-themed patterns, please post a comment with the link.  I’d love to see them.


New to the Baby-licious Collection – Canopy & Burp Cloth

Introducing the newest editions to the Baby-licious Collection:
Baby-licious Car Seat Canopy
Baby-licious Burp Cloth

The Baby-licious Car Seat Canopy is a great gift for a new baby. Keep baby safe from cold, rain, sun, heat, and curious strangers with colds.
Great gift, especially when bundled with my other Baby-licious patterns!

Baby-licious Canopy 01_small_listing

The Baby-licious Burp Cloth is being paired with the Pocket Bib that was released last year:

Baby-licious Bib and Burp Cloth_listing_small


The Bib and Burp Cloth patterns are an adorable set that is perfect for any baby, boy or girl. They work up quickly and easily.  Best of all, it’s 2 patterns for the price of 1!

Available in any of my shops:

Other Baby-licious patterns: the Baby-licious Sun Hat