New! Chunky Celtic Weave Car Seat Canopy

This has to be my new favorite canopy. I can’t express how much I love the texture of this blanket! It almost looks like little fuzzy ropes woven together. This canopy is so soft and squishy! I just love it! It is easier than it looks, and takes less time than you’d think.

The blanket forms a protective car seat tent around your baby, giving them a break from prying strangers. It will keep bright lights out of your sleeping baby’s eyes, but is still breathable. Perfect for any season!


Q: Is this worked as a bunch of strips that you weave together?
A: No. It is worked back and forth as rows. The woven look is created by a clever technique of crossing stitches.

Q: Are there any seams or sewing?
A: The only sewing is to attach the straps. The canopy itself is worked as one piece, including the border.

Q: What yarn did you use to make the canopy in the picture?
A: I used Bernat Blanket yarn to create the canopy pictured. It is very soft and easy to work with. I would highly recommend it. You will love the results! And, no, I don’t get commission for saying that. I really just like it.

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